WonderSchool services

Hosted OpenWonderland Servers
WonderSchool offers hosted OpenWonderland servers, application servers and virtualized OWL-client servers.
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Virtual World Consultancy
WonderSchool offers virtual world consultancy services for government institutions and private companies.

WonderSchool is a high-end teleconference environment: in the WonderSchool virtual world you can offer an internal course, or have a meeting. You can talk with each other in high quality sound, show each other programs, texts, spreadsheets, web-sites and videos and work collaboratively with these programs. As a high-quality and flexible teleconference system, WonderSchool is extremely cost saving.

WonderSchool project

Music and Mathematics Virtual World Project
A virtual world where you can walk through the centuries, from 1100 BC, the Trojan War, to Odysseus, listening to the muses (from there the word music) to the music school of Pythagoras, where the 12 tones were invented on the Greek gitara, and while thinking about the ratios of the lengths of the strings, (1 /2, 2/3, 3/4 ) for the first time people thought about numbers as such, and here the western mathematics emerged (the Greek word mathe means knowledge), the journey goes on, till Bach, Pachelbel and the Beatles. Music 500 BC was music and poetics and arts and science all together, what we call an octave was harmonia, and in this virtual world you can learn that all these now different components, music and poetry and arts and numbers and science belong together, in harmony. In small groups you will be able to explore this world, answering questions to get to the next level, talking with each other and enjoying this collabortive learning experience.

Our not-for-profit "Music and Mathematics Virtual World Project" welcomes your donation.